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Street Play 

A commitment to the community   

Theme: Pharmacists as a health educators


  1. The main objective should be on awareness on pharmacists as a health educators

  2. Number of teams per college = 01

  3. Time duration = 10 minutes.

  4. 6 to 12 members (including the Narrator) are allowed.

  5. Can use the instrument to play sound/music

  6. Personal remarks or character assassination or use of censored act or language are not allowed



  1. Presenters will be divided for role play/street play on program day depending on the theme of the presentation and the availability of slots.

  2. Make Sure you carry your Registrations Number as the final scientific program would include only those plays where the presenters are registered for the conference as delegates.

  3. Evaluated on the basis of confidence, characters, and takeaway massage. 

  4. If selected as winner or runner-up, or otherwise, your submission may be published on print and social media and displayed in the Department of Pharmacy Practice and KLECOP Belagavi, KAHER, may not remain confidential and copyrights belong to the host institution.

Note: The street play will be played in the open theater usually called as laser-guided fountain main garden of JN medical college, Belagavi. 

Delegated staff:  
Dr. Satish Karoli: +91-9986594048,
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