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Model Care Pharmacy

  • Managed Care Pharmacy Was Established in the year 2014 by the Department of Pharmacy Practice located on the 4th floor of KLE College of Pharmacy, Belagavi.
  • Managed care pharmacy is well positioned to bring change to the health care system by providing patient care, reducing medication errors advising patients on safe & rational drug use and now this practice has been included in the curriculum of the Diploma in Pharmacy

Pharmacovigilance Centre

  • Dept. Pharmacy Practice is recognized by IPC-NCC, Ghaziabad under PvPI.
  • Monitoring and reporting of ADRs (ICSRs) from health care professionals, PharmD interns, Nurses, and Non-AMC hospitals.
  • ADR Case Reports entered into VigiFlow Data Base
  • Training the Pharm D 5th year and Pharm D interns on reporting ADR case reports in VigiFlow Database.
  • Causality assessment for each reported ADR care report by a causality assessment committee.
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Unit dosage formulation/dose division

  • Right Drug with the Right Dose at the Right Time and Right Route for the Right Patient
  • Individualization of doses is important for desired clinical effects and good patient care
  • Our department is extensively rendering solid dose division services to the patients in NICU, PICU, cardiology, and nephrology department.

Site Management Office (SMO)

  • Provides clinical trial-related services to medical device companies, pharmaceutical sponsors, and their representatives.
  • SMO works as a service provider for investigators at our hospital, towards all spheres of implementation of clinical trials and more than 100 clinical trials from phase 2 to phase 4 are being practiced.
  • IEC with the Dept. of Pharmacy Practice conducts regular ICH- GCP training and workshops for interns and students.
  • Pharm D interns are posted in SMO and get well-trained in clinical trials.

Primary Health Centers (PHCs)

  • Clinical Pharmacists, as the first point of conduct for the public, are becoming increasingly involved in primary health care providing access to medications and chronic disease management services.
  • They are also involved in public health through the delivery of smoking cessation, cardiovascular screening, and immunization programs.
  • Disease surveillance and epidemic control convergence with disease control program data collection, recording, management, and weekly clinics for specialized care.
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Community Pharmacy

  • Community pharmacists provide important counseling services, such as the proper selection of over-the-counter medications and/or referral to other health care providers.
  • Students are posted in two Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadi started by KLE College of Pharmacy and Dept. of Pharmacy Practice which provides an opportunity for the students to train themselves in community settings and improve their skills in various aspects like prescription analysis, health promotion, medication errors monitoring, dispensing of medicines and pharmaceutical care services

Total Parenteral Nutrition

  • Total parenteral nutrition involves the intravenous administration of nutritionally sufficient and balanced formulations to supply essential nutrition to patients who are unable to tolerate oral or external feeding due to dysfunctional or inaccessible gastrointestinal tract, over the years.

Cytotoxic Drug Reconstitution (CDR) Unit

  • Rendering the Onco-pharmacist services through the CDR unit was initiated on July 2019. Compounding Isolators provide a sterile work environment for the compounding of hazardous and non-hazardous drugs which offers multiple levels of protection in order to eliminate contamination. This device creates factual HEPA-filtered laminar airflow at 20 air changes per minute within both the work zone and interchange areas to assure ISO Class 5 conditions.
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