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“Platform created exclusively for more of

Student oriented activities,

no didactic lectures”

A national forum to create blend of teaching, research or patient care and to call for, young pharmacists to get benefited for  exploring  careers at Hospital set-up, community, teaching and research institutes as well as other organizations throughout the world. The profession of Pharmacy where the role of pharmacist is evolving rapidly and driven by the challenges. This will provide an excellent platform for sharing knowledge and experience in Pharmacy practice. The workforce demands of healthcare are influenced by the science that drives the development of rational use of medications with the help of the skilled resource.

          Hence, this conference will boost the skill, confidence and practice to create global leaders in healthcare.


  • To construct a pharmacy practice model that focuses on advanced patient medication outcomes by mastering qualities like knowledge, skills, and attitude toward excellence in practice.

  • To provide a platform to young budding clinical pharmacists to create a forum to explore current trends in academics, patient care and research in pharmacy.

  • To provide an opportunity to delegates and students to interact with other health care professionals and share their experience and knowledge application in Pharmacy profession.

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