Compassion through professional passion  

PechaKucha Session

(Oral Presentation)

  1. The concept should be original, which is not previously published. 

  2. The oral presentation is only for the faculty of the Department of Pharmacy Practice. 

  3. Permissions obtained from the respective authorities of institution/collaborating institutions/industries/with appropriate consent from the research participants.

  4. Please make sure you send the abstracts by mail to latest by -15 April, 2022


  1. The session is designed to be informal, engaging, and to give participants a flavour of your research, interests, experiences or any questions you’re particularly interested in, in a short space of time.

  2. Your presentation will require 15 slides, delivered in 5 minutes (20 seconds per slide).

  3. Slides should have as little text as possible and the timing will be automatic so you won’t have long for your key messages!

  4. It is best to not be too ambitious with what you can cover – keep it simple and concise.

IMPORTANT DEADLINESAll abstracts must be submitted electronically by completing the appropriate online/mail abstract submission on/before
15 April, 2022. No abstracts will be accepted past this date
Delegated staff:
Mrs. Shashikala wali,  +91-9902944602,